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YUENJOY BAG Help You To Grow Your Handbag Business

Provide you up to date styles, lastest fashion information, handbag market information

———— You will always sell the Hot-Sale bags.

As a professional Chinese handbag manufacturer who operated more than 10 years in handbag industry,Yuenjoy Bag design new styles upon seasonal trend information which we collect from fashion magazine,fashion show,material market,and also handbag market.

When we develop new styles, up to date fashion trend is not the only thing we consider about,we also consider each client’s particular market,and use the market information we collect to create new bags .

That ensure our styles not only have all the latest trends covered,and also can be popular with your consumers like.We sure Most of our styles can be your hot-sale products,because we know what handbags your consumers would like.

All the information we collect from different channels would be sorted and analyzed,then will be sent for you.

You can get the following information from Yuenjoy Bag at intervals :

  • New Fashion Trend Information—-What is popular now
  • New Material (Fabric,Leather,Hardware)—-What you can use to ornament your bags
  • Handbag Industry Information —-What technique you can use for your bags
  • Market Information —-What bags your consumers will like

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Provide you up to date material swatch card, help you source any material include PU leather, Fabric,hardware ornament, metal frame for your Fashion handbagsevening bags clutch bags

———— Yuenjoy Bag can be your eyes in Chinese handbag material market.

Since we have been in handbag industry for many years,we establish long-term cooperative relationship with a lot of material suppliers.This enable us to obtain  too much latest material and up to date fashion element in the material market.

We also set up Sourcing Offices in Guangzhou city , Yiwu city for purchasing the material. So we can find any fabric,leather,hardware you  like for your handbags.

Provide you fast Sample Making, help you to make your custom design handbags alive

————From concept to a real handbag, only in 8 days. 

Yuenjoy Bag owns a team of designers who know well about fashion trends and cultures of countries, and have a rich handbag industry knowledge.They can make a sample for you just according to your design drawing or your description.

Generally,it only take 6-8 days to finish a sample if the material you specified is normal.

Now just send your design drawing to and we will help you to make you custom design handbag alive !

Or you can choose the most fashion handbags from our products and place a sample order !

Provide you high quality products with lowest price

————From here, you will get the products cheaper than your competitor.

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Yuenjoy Bag guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote.

To check Why our price is cheaper than other suppliers?

Now verify it, just send an inquiry to to compare the prices between other suppliers and Yuenjoy Bag.

Professional production line with strict quality control , help you to build your brand

————Get the same quality of products like International Brand have.

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