What is difference between Yuenjoy and other handbag suppliers ?


Different from other handbag suppliers,Yuenjoy always attach importance to product development.We get the fashion fresh information from many channels,that make sure we can keeping up to date with the current fashion trends,and draw upon these seasonal trend information to develop new designs for our clients’ particular market.

It is precisely because we pay more attention on product development than other suppliers, that make our evening bag always in a novel style.Up to now,Yuenjoy have 5,000+ designs. New styles still  come out every day.

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Price is our most competitive strength.

Here is 3 reasons to explain why we can keep our price always be cheaper than other handbag/evening clutch bag/shoulder bag/wallet  suppliers.

1. We definitely are the source of goods.

There are many handbag suppliers you can find from different channels.However,most of them are trade company and only a few of them are  factory.

Here is one important thing you must know,even though you can find a handbag factory not a trade company,but that not mean you find a manufacturer.

Some factory are looking for ways to cut costs, now they are doing the business like a trade company , they get order with high price from clients and they outsource the work to other factory which can produce the products with low cost like Yuenjoy.

Here is a picture can show the whole supply relation.

Yuenjoy bag is the source of handbag

2. With rich industry experience,we can choose the best way to process our bags in low cost.

3. We try our best to reduce our profits to make it cheaper for our client .

No matter what kinds of  your business type,we promise you will have an advantage in price,and your goods will be priced well below your competitors if you choose Yuenjoy as your handbag supplier.

If you doubt about this,you can inquiry us for a items you have already got a quotation from other suppliers and compare prices.

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Handbag Industry Knowledge

Other Supplier Rough Process
Yuenjoy Bag Smooth Process

Yuenjoy Bag have been in handbag industry for 12 years,our designers and workers are expert in this line.

We find a best way to process every styles well. Every single detail we will try to make  it perfect .

With the richest experience,we can provide valuable suggestion for helping you to  solve any problems in this industry.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity chart
Yuenjoy accept small handbag business for fashion accessories / handbag wholesaler .
Some styles which be made with normal material like Satin,normal PU , then the minimum order quantity only is 30pcs.
Now whether you are a clutch bag wholesaler or retailer,you can purchase handbags from the source with the low cost your competitor never have.
Yuenjoy helps you to make more profit on your evening bag business!
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Service & Support

Yuenjoy make you become a expert in handbag industry

Yuenjoy bag is not only your handbag manufacturer,but also your handbag technician.

With our richest experience in handbag industry,we can provide solution for you when you have any problem in this industry.

Even you just start your business in this line,you also can be a expert soon with our help.

Now contact us and be a expert in handbag industry !